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The importance of good air quality

The COVID-19 crisis has provided a marked increase in the attention to indoor air quality. Research shows that there are large price and quality differences in the measuring equipment that are available.

Government focuses on CO2, why?
CO2 is a gas that is produced by human activity and will increase if adequate ventilation is not provided. Good ventilation implies less CO2, and thus a CO2 measurement can indirectly evaluate ventilation efficiency (if there are no local sources of pollution).

Research of measuring devices
Atmosafe has tested a dozen devices that do not exceed €200 in purchase price. In general, you can say that devices that work with an infrared cell are better than the alternatives because they measure CO2 directly. Certainly among the cheap devices there are some that do not give reliable results. The Smart Life CO2 meter came out best from this study. With this device you get an affordable and reliable CO2 meter in your home!

Smart Life app

One app to rule them all
The Smart Life CO2 meter is a stand-alone device but can also be linked to the Smart Life app. This way you can remotely monitor the CO2 concentration. Do you have multiple devices in different rooms? Thanks to the Smart Life app, you always have an overview of all the measured values at your fingertips. All measurement values are stored on the app. This way, you can retrieve the results up to 2 years back and display them in clear graphs.

Alarms and actions
In the Smart Life app you can set thresholds that can be linked to alarms and actions. Does the CO2 concentration, temperature or humidity reaches the threshold value? Then you can generate notifications on your smartphone or trigger a smart device such as a ventilator, air conditioner or humidifier into action.

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