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New law on indoor air quality in public places

The new law focuses on cleaner air in public places. As of december 2023, exploiters of public places are required to take proactive measures to monitor and improve air quality. A reliable indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor is essential in this regard. This device provides insight into air quality and allows users to take immediate action when air pollution is present. This not only ensures compliance with legal requirements, but also promotes the quality of life and health of visitors and employees.

Research - IAQ monitor

Atmosafe has tested the quality of some low budget IAQ monitors in their laboratory. In response to the new law, we have replaced our previous IAQ monitor with an improved model. The new Smart Life IAQ monitor provides reliable measurements and has extra sensors for VOC and particulate matter, the most important parameters for preventing health damage.

One app to rule them all

The Smart Life IAQ monitor works independently but can also be linked to the Smart Life app. This allows you to remotely monitor the air quality and trigger alarms or actions. Do you have multiple devices in different rooms? Thanks to the Smart Life app, you always have an overview of all readings at your fingertips. All measured values are stored in the cloud. So you can retrieve the results up to 1 year back and display them in clear graphs.

Alarms and actions

In the Smart Life app, you can set threshold values that can be linked to alarms and actions. Does the CO2 concentration, particulate matter, TVOC, humidity or temperature reach a threshold? You can generate notifications on your smartphone or trigger a smart device such as a fan, air conditioner or humidifier to take action.

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