Toxic gases in containers

Containers are the most popular tool to transport cargo in the maritime sector. During the production process, all goods come into contact with many chemicals and solvents. Cargo that is packed in containers, releases vapours, this is a recipe for harmful atmospheres. Entering a container can therefore be harmful to your health.

In order to enter and unload a container in a safe way, it is necessary to first examine the gases in this container. Our gas analysis is a very fast and efficient way to correctly detect toxic gases in containers and is done in full compliance with the law. Within 10 minutes we map the entire atmosphere in a container.

Gas measurement is obligatory when you are selected for a Custom’s verification.

In 2011, the Belgian Customs started its ‘Mission to protect our employees’.

If a container is selected for physical verification, the declarant of the container has to prove that the container is free of harmful gases by a gasfree certificate.

Atmosafe’s fast and accurate method guarantees your safety at a minimal cost. Sometimes, customs only decide to mark a container for physical verification after a suspicious scan image. Because of our presence at the border inspection posts, we can guarantee that this verification will be handled in the most effective way if your container is selected!
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Did you know…

  • A Greenpeace study has revealed that clothing emits toxic fumes?
  • The concentration of gases is too high in an average of 1 in 8 containers that is selected for customs verification?
  • The majority of rejected containers have a harmful atmosphere caused by evaporation of the cargo rather than caused by fumigation?

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