Tankers/on-vessel repairs

Large tankers, for the transport of chemicals, must be checked for hazardous substances and explosion risks. This is particularly so during repair work. Atmosafe gas experts carry out inspections to declare vessels safe for repair work and berthing at non-tanker berths.

The gas expert ensures that the activities are carried out with due care and that the special conditions are observed. Should an incident nevertheless occur, he will, in consultation with the company carrying out the treatment, immediately notify the emergency services and mark out a safety zone.

Shore tanks

The Port of Antwerp has an increased focus on ‘liquid bulk’, referred to as big white silos, land tanks or shore tanks. You have surely already seen them in the Port of Antwerp. Large players, such as SEA-Tank, keep on expanding. These large tanks can contain chemicals, oils or fuels. These tanks need to be inspected or repaired. Before entering the tank, Atmosafe performs an inspection to declare the tank ‘safe for entry’ or ‘safe for fire’. Even before filling the tank with a new product, it needs to be gas free and ready for the new product. Atmosafe commits to perfectly match these inspections to the planned works. This is why Atmosafe is at your service around the clock
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Did you know…

  • Each marine tanker, waiting at a conventionalberth, must have a certificate that has been issued by a recognised gas expert?
  • A LEL meter is not suitable to declare a space safe for entry?

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