Gases and vapors at work

Wherever you work, everyone has to breathe and it is best to do so as healthily as possible! Good air quality protects your colleagues, avoids complaints, reduces absenteeism and increases efficiency at work.

Why measure gases and vapors?

The Dutch Health Council estimates the annual social cost due to poor indoor air quality in our country at approximately €750 million. If we can accurately identify the largest sources of harmful exposure, most of this cost can be saved. Especially for VOC exposure (formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ...), one of the largest causes, there is still work to be done.

Measurements don't always go without a hitch

In the event of complaints and incidents relating to gases and vapors, it is usually necessary to react quickly to the circumstances. This makes it difficult to efficiently plan the required measurements. Often the budget does not allow for several days of measurements, which means that not all areas can be measured.

Your measurement always at hand

Always available

No more scheduling measurements on a specific day. Now you can take measurements when it suits you! You order the measurements you would like and we'll send you the necessary equipment. This way you have all materials at hand and can decide for yourself when you perform the measurements.

All gases and vapors in 1 measurement

The air sample you took can be analyzed for all gases and vapors. This gives you a complete picture of the air in the room where you measured with one single sample.

Fast and reliable reporting

The results of our laboratory are collected in a measurement report that is checked by our occupational hygienists. The report contains an inventory of all volatile substances present (including CAS numbers, measured concentrations, exposure limits and exposure index calculation). In short, a complete evaluation of the respiratory exposure according to the new regulations.

How to proceed

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask!