During the storage and logistics of goods in a warehouse or the use of chemical products in a production area, toxic gases and vapors can be released. A thorough risk analysis of the air quality is therefore very important. This in order to exclude any risk to your health and that of your employees.

Inventory (Mapping)

Atmosafe has created a specific program for big ‘warehouses’. This way, exposure to hazardous substances can be minimized when unloading containers. Atmosafe draws up the possible risks of various cargo flows, based on a thorough inventory and chemical analysis. We then evaluate the results and propose measures to prevent these risks or to limit the damage. This is always done in consultation with the employer. The risk-inventory of the exposure to hazardous substances when unloading containers is always kept up-to-date, in accordance with the EN 689 norm. This is a European norm for the assessment of risks at workplace.

Exposure measurements and safety procedures

Atmosafe can perform measurements at your workplace to assess your employee’s exposure to chemical fumes. You can have this done as a part of a preventive approach or as a result of health complaints. E.g.: when storing goods in warehouse where certain chemical fumes are present, due to insufficient ventilation.
Prevention is better than cure… Together with you, we draw up the possibilities to set up safety procedures. This can eliminate occupational accidents and guarantee a healthy and safe environment. We provide a tailormade program, fitted to your needs.
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Did you know…

  • A Greenpeace study has revealed that clothing emits toxic fumes?
  • The concentration of gases is too high in an average of 1 in 8 containers that is selected for customs verification?

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