New targets for indoor air quality

In May 2019 the new targets for indoor air quality came into force. Because of the new objective, the employer is obliged to carry out a risk analysis of the indoor air quality in order to identify contaminants and possible risks.

Possible sources of pollution are:
  • The presence and physical activity of persons
  • The products and materials present in the workrooms
    (e.g.: building materials, floor coverings, furniture, printers, ...)
  • Maintenance, repairs and cleaning of the workplaces
  • Quality of supplied air due to infiltration and ventilation

How can Atmosafe help you improve the air in your office?

Atmosafe can assist you as an employer, prevention advisor or facility manager in drawing up a risk analysis of the indoor air quality based on exploratory measurements.

Our team has developed a measuring device, the AQM (Air Quality Monitor), which simultaneously monitors ten parameters: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, VOC, humidity, temperature and 3 forms of particulate matter.This enables us to obtain an accurate overall picture of the indoor air quality and possible contaminants within your company.

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What do our customers think?

Curious to find out more? At PIVO we analyzed the air quality after complaints of odor nuisance in the offices. Discover in the video how they look back on their collaboration with Atmosafe.

Do you still have questions about the air quality in your own home or workplace? Would you like more information regarding the new legislation? Please contact us.

Together we ensure that people can live and work healthier.

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