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Why a masters in chemistry as a gas expert?

The right measuring strategy

The safety of the air we breathe is directly related to its chemical composition. To date, however, there is no measuring device on the market that can accurately determine the chemical composition of an unknown air sample. The reason for this is the need for a measuring strategy that is adaptable to the gases that are present.

False negatives – danger!

Some measuring methods are not suitable for the detection of certain substances. In this case, nothing is measured, when there are in fact gases present. This creates a false sense of security. We can then speak of ‘false negatives’.

False positives – useless cost

On the other hand, we can also face unjustified rejections, because conventional devices are unable to distinguish between highly toxic and less harmful substances. In this case, we can speak of ‘false positives’.

Chemists – saving costs

Our gas experts are specially educated chemists, who adapt the measuring strategy to the air sample. This way we want to ensure your safety and save you useless costs.

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