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Toxic substances (diacetyl) at work, a risk in food processing companies

Measuring diacetyl and other substances

During fermentation (for example when making wine, beer or cheese) around 10 specific substances are naturally formed such as diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione. These substances contribute to the delicious taste of the products. It has already been shown that the substances are released from stored cocoa and coffee beans and also when producing processed foods or when processing organic raw materials.

Consuming vs inhaling

While consuming small amounts of these substances is not harmful, inhaling them daily at work can irreparably affect your health. Because these substances arise spontaneously in a wide range of processes and are highly volatile, many companies are unaware of the danger hanging in the atmosphere. Europe imposes strict exposure limits and in Belgium, for example, the limit value for diacetyl is 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air.
DIY exposure measurements - a cheap and quick solution!

According to the recently updated exposure standard, the concentrations of all these substances must be identified. The fastest and cheapest way to do this is with Atmosafe's new DIY measurement. With our DIY measurement, you can schedule and perform the exposure measurement yourself. Atmosafe then analyzes the sample and provides you with not only the measurement results, but also with a complete inventory that meets the tightened standard.

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