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Possible causes of contamination in containers

Post-production emission

When producing goods, manufacturers usually use volatile chemicals as raw materials or as solvents. After manufacturing, the goods slowly exhume these substances’ residual fumes. These gases pile up to dangerous quantities, when they are in a closed container. We are often talking about neurotoxic and/or carcinogenic substances that cause irreversible damage to the human body during exposure. The victim’s health damage is not noticed until much later, when health complaints occur after repeated exposure.

Biological and chemical processes

The atmosphere in containers can contain a low concentration of oxygen and a high concentration of toxic gases due to biological and chemical processes, such as oxidation and rotting. This can also create an explosion hazard. Entering this type of container can have immediate deadly consequences.

Leakage of substances from the cargo

Leaking or damaged packages can cause a release of dangerous products in the cargo.

Toxic fumigants

To protect the cargo against insects and other pests, containers are treated with fumigants. There is always residue of these products in the container, whether or not odourless. Exposure to these gases can have serious consequences.

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