Very strict rules and special regulations apply when loading and/or unloading certain types of gases. The gases we are talking about are the group of highly toxic gases. They are classified as such, according to their characteristics. The GHPV (Municipal Harbour Police Regulations) stipulated that special regulations apply when loading and/or unloading containers that contain highly toxic gases.
Atmosafe will assist you when you are faced with these types of regulations in the event of shipping more than 100 kg net of highly toxic gases. (GHPV Art. 4.6.5):
  • Atmosafe’s gas expert will assist you during the full event of loading and/or unloading. This will be verified by the Harbour Master’s service. Without the presence of the Harbour Master’s service, the gas expert cannot proceed with his work.
  • Our gas expert insures that the process of shipping can take place. He/she will act with the required caution and will raise alarm at the slightest irregularity. The gas expert will also advise you about how and when the emergency procedure should be initiated.
The gas expert has knowledge of:
  • Possible hazards to people and for the environment
  • The chemical and physical properties of the concerned gases
  • Personal protective equipment and measuring equipment
  • The measures that have to be taken when irregularities occur.

Loading and/or unloading highly toxic gases is a process that is not free of risks. It is therefore very important to take the necessary precautions. We are happy to assist you. Contact us!
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Did you know…

  • A chlorine case must be present when you are transhipping highly toxic gases?

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